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"Anybody who's capable of creating Music has my greatest admiration and I honestly believe and hope that Adam Skoumal will soon be recognized for his ever-developing composer's skill. I realise the more I hear and study his music that his ‘language’, rather traditionally orientated (in the post-romantic mould one could argue of Rachmaninov, Scriabin or Ravel's style) surfaces from the depths of his Czech roots."

Cristina Ortiz

A selection of Adam Skoumal's compositions:

  • Variations on a Folk Song for piano (1998)
  • Nocturno for Piano (2000)
  • The Abduction of Scheherazade for Flute and Piano (2001)
  • Etudes for Piano (2002)
  • Variations on a Gypsy melody for Violin (Viola or Flute) and Piano (2002)
  • Variations on a Gypsy melody for Violin (Viola or Flute) and String Orchestra (or Wind Orchestra)
  • Romantic Pieces for Piano (2003)
  • Two Pieces for Children for Piano 4 hands (2003)
  • Concerto No. 1 for Piano and orchestra (2004)
  • Concerto No. 2 for Piano and string orchestra (2005)
  • Berceuse for Piano (2006)
  • Djinnia for Violin and Piano (2007) video
  • Djinnia for Violin and Orchestra (2007)
  • Cavalleresca for Piano (2008)
  • Four Gypsy Songs (2008)
  • Trio Romantique for Violin, Violoncello and Piano (2009)
  • Trio Exotique Violin, Violoncello and Piano (2009)
  • Sarabande and Gigue for Two Violins (2009)
  • P. de Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy - piano accompaniment arrangement (2009)
  • Rhapsody on an Old Czech Song for piano and orchestra (2010)
  • Shalik for Violoncello (Violin or Viola) and Piano (2011)
  • Mater natae maritum eligit, women's choir (2011)
  • "Corsaresca" for Piano and Strings (2012)
  • Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (2013)
  • "Beauty and Beast", duo Viola & Violoncello (2014)
  • "Pinocchio" 4-hands duet for children (2014) video

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